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Who we are?

i-Proclaim provides publishing support to scholars, scholarly societies and academic institutions for helping them reach out to a wider audience. i-Proclaim prides itself on its close and transparent relationship with societies. i-Proclaim provides a direct route to global researchers and industry representatives in a number of communities.


The i-Proclaim Annual Research Awards (ARA), a prestigious Research Awards program organized by ABC Malaysia, seeks to recognize and reward the outstanding performance, talent and effort of the best research contributors, PhD holders and agencies dealt with research and publication in the Asia and global context.


To recognize ‘Expertly Qualified-Highly Cited Research Professionals’ who are committed to finding solutions to the daunting challenges and to honor the individuals for extraordinary achievements and significant contributions.


It’s The Best i-Proclaim Theme

This award program is established in 2015 for the contribution to the Fundamental Discoveries, New Theories, or Insight have had an Impact on their own discipline and beyond and cutting-edge achievements. You will love it!

Allied Info

The i-Proclaim ARA Scheme.


The i-Proclaim International Research Awards are now in their forth year. The Award scheme was instituted in the year 2015 by the i-Proclaim of ABC Malaysia, are presented yearly during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is conducted during the end of the year. and the scheme has a Criteria, Standards, Eligibility Rules, Application Form, Expert Committee, Judging Process etc that are governed by the ABC Board of Trust.

i-Proclaim has a history of successful celebration of Scientific Events & Award Ceremonies from the 2015. Our executive team, from inception to implementation, has a Accountability, Transparency and Commitment. We believe that the mentality, resourcefulness, creative talents and diverse thinking of the ABC Board of Trust is the driving force behind our success.

3rd i-Proclaim Research Awards- 2017, IIUM, Malaysia. The 2nd Award Meet was held in the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 31, 2017. The Award Meet 2017 was co hosted by the i-Proclaim Research Conference (ARCBHL-2017).

2nd i-Proclaim Research Awards- 2016, Brunei Darussalam. The 2nd ARA was held in the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), Brunei on December 30, 2016. The ARA 2016 was hosted by the ABC Malaysia.

1st i-Proclaim Research Awards- 2015, Bangladesh. The 1st ARA was held in the ASA University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh on December 29, 2015. The ARA 2015 was hosted by the Asian Business Consortium.

A working professional can nominate an ‘Eligible Individual’ (or Self Nominate).


The qualification of the nominee must be recognized and documented by corresponding successes in research, such as-

  • Grants
  • Collaboration with Industries/Institutions and Membership
  • Scholarly Article Publications
  • Books/chapter Publication
  • Special awards
  • Google Scholar Citation on publication
  • Any other specific accomplishments, technical, professional, societal and /or economic impact of contributions.


Research ​Award Categories.


  1. Lifetime Achievement (above 55 years of age)
  2. Distinguished Scientist (under 55 years of age)
  3. Outstanding Scientist (under 45 years of age)
  4. Young Scientist (under 35 years of age)

Note: i-Proclaim Annual Book Award is not categorized like above.

Submission Info

Google Scholar Citation Award

A working professional can nominate an ‘Eligible Individual’ (or Self Nominate) for the Google Scholar Citation Award. Following are the list of essentials to be submitted for Nomination:

  • Google Scholar Personal Profile Link
  • Number of total Citations, Number of h-index and i10-index 
  • Scan copy of the Doctoral Degree or Highest Degree Certificate in a PDF/JPEG/PNG format
  • Scan copy of the work place ID (PDF/JPEG/PNG format)



Publication Excellence Award

A working professional can nominate an ‘Eligible Individual’ (or Self Nominate) for the Publication Excellence Award. The qualification of the nominee must be recognized and documented by corresponding successes in research, as-

  • Research Grants &/or Special awards
  • Scholarly Publication Link: Researcher ID / SCOPUS Author Link / ORCID Link / GoogleScholar / LiveDNA
  • Collaboration with Industries/Institutions and Membership
  • Books/chapter Publication
  • Any other specific accomplishments, technical, professional, societal and /or economic impact of contributions.

i-Proclaim Annual Book Award

While we do not have the resources to include every book and media award given, we have selected those that we feel are most relevant to our audience. To enter your book in the i-Proclaim Annual Book Awards programs, you have to submit:

  • Complete Book Cover
  • Any 6 Inner Pages
  • Author’s Short Biography
  • Online market link / Library address
  • Book Price
  • Year of Publication
  • Publisher’s Info and Logo (if any).


The Judging Process

Step 1

It is similar to the initial process of the screening system. Submission will be verified by our expert judges. Please comply to the terms and conditions stated on this website, as it is mandatory for verification purposes.

Step 2

Nomination Application will be rated by our Expert Judges. total obtained marks from 100 will be given emphasize for rating. Rating notification email will be sent to Awardee.

Step 3

The Top Rated Nominees will be included as one of the “2019 Awards Winners”, and will be entitled for the announcement & the Winners will be announced at the ABC Annual General Meeting and i-Proclaim Award Meet 2019.

Registration Info

Registration is Optional for i-Proclaim Award Meet 2019

Participation in ABC Annual General Meeting and i-Proclaim Award Meet Day is optional for winner. To participate winners need to register for the Meet day hours. To get the award certificate and medal no need to attend physically. We will send award parcel to the winners timely. Online registration opening date 12th June 2019.

“i-Proclaim IRA Meet Day 01 September 2019”



Venue: Rumah Universiti, University of Malaya (UM), Kuala Lumpur


Award Parcel Shipping (revised date): 15 September 2019


Submission Entry Fee


What are the i-Proclaim Research Award Process?

Step-1: Nomination papers will be sent for screening process (preliminary selection)
Step-2: Acknowledgement intimation will be communicated to the Nominee
Step-3: i-Proclaim Team may ask the proof for the credits mentioned in the CV. (Optional)
Step-4: Cross verifying the data submitted & forwarding it to the Expert Judge
Step-5: The selected nominees will be communicated via a formal mail
Step-6: Announcement in Annual General Meeting and Award Meet
Step-7: Floating the Award Winner Profile in Webpage
Step-8: Release of the i-Proclaim Award Report 2019
Step-9: Award parcel dispatched to the winners postal address.

What Award Includes?

Research award includes CertificateMedal, Web Presence (exclusive award winner web page).

Book award includes e-Certificate, Promotional Video, Award Seal for use in future edition.

Is Registration Mandatory for Award Winner?


No, registration for annual general meeting and i-Proclaim award meet is optional. After the Meet day we will ship the Award Certificate and Award Medal to the winner’s postal address.

(not applicable for book award)

Can I Do the on Spot Registration?

No, need to register within the deadline. Without pre-registration, we can’t process the proof checking, making the complimentary trophy and booking of meeting chair.

After Registering for the Award Meet, if the Winner is Unable to Attend the Event, will You Ship the Complimentary Award Trophy to the Winners?

No, the registrants have to collect physically at the meet day.


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