The i-Proclaim International Research Award, a prestigious awards program organized by ABC Malaysia, seeks to recognize and reward the outstanding performance, talent and effort of the best research contributors, PhD holders and agencies dealt with research and publication in the Asia and global context.

i-Proclaim- “Where Research Comes To Life”

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Award Scheme History

Research Journals; our members excel

In contributing articles, and papers to tell.

Award Eligibility

Knowledge abounds, scholars are smart

They’ve learned to turn living into an art.

Award Categories

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Bring your Academics into your tent.

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Research Conferences I want you to know,

There is surely one wherever you go.

The Judging Process

Research Awards, a standard must meet

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Benefits of i-Proclaim Award

The i-Proclaim International Awards are now in their fifth year

>>  It’s an indicator of success, enhances the reputation, improves the benchmark,
>>  Its a matter of pride, motivation, raises the visibility of the success,
>>  The CertificateMedal, Web Presence (exclusive web page) with certificate will be a testimony, 
>>  This sharing information is a professionalism and will increase the credibility,
>>  We create an archive for the Winner and publish the Award Report,
>>  The recognition, an additional proof of hard work and achievements, will be globally accessible for winners and hence will be available online 24/7

Judging Panel


i-Proclaim has selected a panel of experts to judge the 2019 Awards. The judging panel will be chaired by Dr. Ataur Rahman, President, Executive Board, Asian Business Consortium. We have quite a line up of judges this year. They are an esteemed panel of creatives, strategists and professors with a huge amount of experience in research and publication. They’ll be looking at your Meritorious Achievement and Research Contribution to see if it’s impactful, polished and effective.


Judging Panel

i-Proclaim International Award for Meritorious Achievement



Thinking about winning?

You’d be in good company.

Publication Citation & Publication Excellence Award

Award includes-

Award Web Archive with all winners exclusive web page will be disclosed on 1st September 2019 and Parcel of Award Certificates and Medal will be shipped by 05 September 2019.

Entry Fee Applicable

i-Proclaim Annual Book Award

Award includes-

Award e-Certificate (pdf/jpeg) and Award Seal and Promotional Video will be emailed before 01 September 2019. No print certificate or parcel will be shipped to winner. Award materials are in electronic.

Entry Fee Applicable

How and when will I receive Awards and/or notifications?

Complete info, including the Announcing the Awards Winners Report, mails or ships to all entrants by Sept, 19.

i-Proclaim Awards ship via POS Malaysia, in most cases. Please allow one to two weeks for delivery, depending on where you are in the country. Overseas shipments — typically via DHL — may take a bit longer. (The Award Medal/ Plaque ships in a slim package, approximately 7×9′ and roughly 2′ thick. Typically, DHL or other shippers have the recipient sign for the package. For i-Proclaim Annual Book Award, please check your email, and touch base with your emailroom staff.

Important Dates

Submission Open for Nomination


Announcement for Award Winners


2019 Awards Meet Day

01 April 2019


12 June 2019


01 September 2019

Submission Close for Nomination


Registration Close for Award Meet 

Award Parcel Shipping 

15 May 2019

30 June 2019

15 September 2019